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Create, operate and scale immersive experiences with Charter.

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The best platform for crafting and running live experiences of any size – no coding required.

  • Immersive theater
  • Remote live games
  • Museum exhibits
  • Escape rooms
  • Retail activations
  • Team-building activities
  • Augmented reality games

Charter works for you

Reduce staffing

Create scripted behaviors to reduce the need for staff monitoring and manually triggering events.

Design, test, and operate

Prototype and iterate quickly with one tool, and verify that your experience operates as expected under any circumstance.

Scale your operations

Charter provides a virtual command center, giving you a clear view of complex journeys including multiple groups of participants.

Handle variations

Keep track of many schedules, itineraries, or variants of your experience. Assign groups to their variants and Charter handles the rest.

Tools to get you from concept to launch


Organize by scenes and roles

Build player interfaces that respond to state

Choreograph texts, messages, phone trees, and emails

React to player location and choices

Dynamic logic


Manage showtimes and groups

Track trip state and player location

Assign players roles

Communicate over text or web

Interweave scripted and live messaging


Schedule groups in advance

Host large groups with different roles

Manage simultaneous trips

Vary schedules, itineraries or interactivity

Version control your projects

Vetted in the real world

Charter is built, maintained and used by First Person Travel, creators of the acclaimed Headlands Gamble experience.

Charter is being used for an upcoming expedition from the The Explorer's Guild, an upcoming multimedia experience by Dorothy Santos, and other projects.

An illustration of the Marin headlands